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C/O Rhema Christian Church, Houston TX 16618 Clay Road, Suite 100 Houston Texas, 77084 United State of America Email: Phone: 713-219-9172 Prayerline: 832-301-9001 OR 605-475-8033

WELCOME to the International Prayer line, also know as the International Prayer Frequency
Inspired by the Holy Ghost to create a platform of  consistent prayer that reaches to the ends of the earth to brings about Salvation, Healings, Deliverance, Breakthroughs, Restoration and everything available in Jesus. Join us 3 times daily and encounter the miracle working God in your life. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.

The International Prayerline has well over 90 International access numbers,  3 local U.S numbers, the prayer app  and the 24/7 online praise and prayer radio for its daily world prayercast.

Timi Daniels Ministries

Timi Daniels Ministries was founded in November 2001 as a web base and itinery ministry, praying preaching and teaching the Heart Beat of God. MORE

60 Seconds Sermon

A prophetic word with impactful prayers for the soul all in 60Seconds. Make it your daily gospel nuggets.


RHEMA Church

Timi Daniels is the Pastor of Rhema Christian Church, Houston Texas. A glorious assembly of Jesus people VISIT RHEMA


International access numbers


Local U.S numbers


Praise and Prayer Radio


60sec of prophetic word

Times & Dial-in Numbers. Get started now.

Call +1 832-301-9001
OR Call +1 605-475-8033 (Radio Line)
OR Call 518-530-1840 Meeting ID 375-864-798

Dial: (647) 694-4842 then enter your host’s conference number: 832-301-9001 then #